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With soda-tax money, pre-K centers see rapid growthMarch 10, 2017 - Philadelphia Inquirer
Opinion: Philly beverage tax is workingMarch 10, 2017 - Philadelphia Inquirer
With soda tax, school's now in sessionJanuary 4, 2017 - Philadelphia Inquirer
Philly creates blueprint for other cities to pass soda taxJune 21, 2016 - Philadelphia Business Journal Philadelphia City Council and the Mayor have charted the map for other municipalities to make history of their own.
Kenney signs 'soda tax' into lawJune 21, 2016 - Al Dia
Mayor Kenney Signs Soda Tax Into Law But Gives Credit To OthersJune 20, 2016 - CBS Philly On June 20, 2016 Mayor Kenney made history today by signing the Sugary Sweetened Beverage Tax into law
Philadelphia soda tax passed with help of a new sell: to raise funds for pre-KJune 20, 2016 - The Guardian The passage of the Sugary Drinks Tax is gaining international recognition.
Kenney signs sugary drink tax into lawJune 20, 2016 - Philly.com Mayor Kenney signed into law historic legislation that makes unprecedented investments in our children and our neighborhoods.
Philadelphia’s sweet deal to discourage sugar consumptionJune 20, 2016 - Washington Post The law Mayor Kenney signed after City Council passage continues to draw national attention and endorsements.
Commentary: With soda tax, Philly pioneers healthier pathJune 20, 2016 - Philadelphia Inquirer Passing the soda tax is a major public health victory which will make our city healthier as well as raise money for much-needed investments.
Coalition Statements on Passage of the Soda TaxJune 17, 2016 - Philadelphians for a Fair Future In the wake of City Council’s historic vote Thursday to adopt a sweetened beverages tax to pay for critical new education programs and neighborhood revitalization programs citywide, here are statements from some of the 81 partners who comprise Philadelphians for a Fair Future.
Phila. first big city to pass soda taxJune 17, 2016 - The Philadelphia Tribune
Philadelphia City Council Passes Beverage Tax with 13-4 VoteJune 17, 2016 - 6 ABC Great footage from 6ABC of the Chief Clerk reading the vote from Councilmembers as well as testimony from advocates.
PFF Statement: Council's Historic Vote a Victory for City's Children and NeighborhoodsJune 16, 2016 - Philadelphians for a Fair Future PFF released this statement in recognition of City Council's historic vote in support of the sugary drinks tax.
Soda tax passes, Philadelphia becomes first big city in nation to enact oneJune 16, 2016 - Philadelphia Inquirer We did it! Council voted 13-4 to pass the soda tax and make historic investments in our city's future.
3 ways Philly's soda tax could help your healthJune 16, 2016 - Philadelphia Inquirer
Commentary: Soda tax will invest in city, address povertyJune 14, 2016 - Philadelphia Inquirer City Council leadership writes how passing the soda tax on Thursday June 16 will bring about historic improvements for our city.
The soda industry is on the verge of losing one of its biggest battles everJune 14, 2016 - Washington Post The City is being recognized nationally as a leader for investing in our future and our children via the sugary drinks tax.
How Kenney and Council hammered out the soda-tax dealJune 13, 2016 - Philadelphia Inquirer A behind-the-scenes look at how City Council and the Administration worked together to put Philadelphia on the brink of history-making investments in our future.
Surprised by diet soda tax, some health experts say: Why not?June 13, 2016 - Philadelphia Inquirer Including diet drinks in the amended sugary drinks tax will spread the burden and also raise more revenue for much-needed programs like pre-K, community schools and rebuild parks, rec centers and libraries.
Philadelphia soda tax sold public interest over healthJune 13, 2016 - Associated Press The historic vote of City Council last week continues to garner national attention in the run-up to Thursday's final vote.
DN Editorial: A Poverty of IntegrityJune 13, 2016 - Daily News The soda tax that is on the brink of passage will not only support our city's children by giving them a strong start, but also parents, especially mothers, who can better re-enter the workforce.
What will 1.5 cents from soda tax bring?June 10, 2016 - The Philadelphia Tribune The taxed that City Council's Committee of the Whole passed with a favorable recommendation on Wednesday would bring about 6,500 quality pre-k seats, 25 new community schools and rebuilding of parks, rec centers and libraries.
Philly is poised to be the first major city with a soda tax — by focusing on money, not obesityJune 9, 2016 - Vox The City of Philadelphia is on the brink of historic investments in our future thanks to the sugary drinks tax.
PFF Statement on Council Vote in Support of the Soda TaxJune 9, 2016 - Philadelphians for a Fair Future PFF released a statement congratulating the members of City Council for their leadership and courage in moving forward with the beverage tax and positioning it for final vote at Council’s meeting on June 16th.
Philadelphia Soda Tax Approved By City Council CommitteeJune 9, 2016 - Forbes Forbes commends City Council's leadership in passing the amended sugary drinks tax out of committee and putting it on the brink of passage on Thursday June 16th.
City Council Gives Preliminary Approval to Beverage Tax IncreaseJune 9, 2016 - Philadelphia City Council This is Philadelphia City Council's official news release about the passage out of Committee of the Sugary Beverage Tax.
Novel Strategy Puts Big Soda Tax Within Philadelphia’s ReachJune 9, 2016 - New York Times Thanks to City Council's leadership, Philadelphia is gaining national attention and acclaim for passing the soda tax out of committee on June 8.
Council gives initial approval to a 1.5-cent beverage taxJune 8, 2016 - Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia City Council took an historic decision on June 8 to favorably vote a 1.5 cent soda tax (plus diet drinks) out of Committee - it now must be approved by the full Council on June 16th before becoming law.
Preschools visit City Hall in anticipation to 'Soda Tax' voteJune 8, 2016 - Al Dia Pre-K students from around the City visited City Hall in anticipation of City Council vote on the sugary drinks tax.
Fetterman: Stop Calling the Soda Tax “Regressive” — It’s Actually ProgressiveJune 8, 2016 - PhillyMag John and Gisele Fetterman highlight the progressive benefits Mayor Kenney's budget will bring to our city.
In final weeks, fight over Philly sugary drinks tax moves from air to the groundJune 6, 2016 - Newsworks - WHYY We've been beating the pavement and working the phones to urge City Council to pass this tax.
PFF Statement: Leading Scientists and Doctors Urge City Council to Adopt the Sugary Drinks TaxJune 3, 2016 - Philadelphians for a Fair Future Doctors and scientists from around the country come together to urge City Council to pass the Sugary Drinks Tax.
The Souls of Black Folk: "Clash of the Titans"June 3, 2016 - Philadelphia Sunday Sun Minister Rodney Muhammad, president of the Philadelphia Chapter of the NAACP, writes "I would rather be singled out by the soda industry than to have my grandchild single me out because I failed him when I had the chance to do something. Join us, support Mayor Kenney’s soda tax."
Inquirer editorial: Soda-tax vote shouldn't be about politicsJune 2, 2016 - Philadelphia Inquirer The Inquirer Editorial Board urges City Council to put the needs of our city's children and neighborhoods ahead of those of the soda industry.
Letters: Pre-K celebration is for all childrenJune 2, 2016 - Philadelphia Inquirer Otis Bullock, executive director of Diversified Community Services, and Kathy Fisher, policy manager at the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger, and others write letters to the editor supporting the sugary drinks tax.
Soda tax presents opportunity for greater access to the artsMay 31, 2016 - Newsworks - WHYY The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance is a strong supporter of the Sugary Drinks Tax and here's why.
Op-Ed: Container Tax, a poor substitute that hurts poor communitiesMay 31, 2016 - Al Dia Will Gonzalez, executive director of Ceiba, highlights why the sugary drinks tax remains the best, fairest, healthiest way to fund the programs our city needs.
Diabetes in Philly: The neighborhoods hardest hit by this ‘regressive’ diseaseMay 31, 2016 - Billy Penn Neighborhoods in North, Southwest and West Philadelphia have the highest prevalence of diabetes - sugary drinks like soda are prime contributors to this.
Unions: We support the soda taxMay 30, 2016 - The Philadelphia Tribune District 1199c President Henry Nicholas strongly endorses the Sugary Drinks Tax and urges Councilmembers to support it as well.
PFF Statement: Coalition Set to Launch Two New TV Ads for Expanded Pre-KMay 26, 2016 - Philadelphians for a Fair Future
Opinion: Why the Philadelphia business community should support Mayor Kenney's sugary drinks taxMay 26, 2016 - Philadelphia Business Journal Small business owners write in support of the Sugary Drinks Tax: "We are issuing a call to action for Philadelphia’s business community to stand up for Philadelphia’s children, and invigorate our local economy in the process."
Why beverage industry's soda tax discrimination claims are shakyMay 26, 2016 - Philadelphia Business Journal
Sustainable Business Network: Container Tax Proposal Falls ShortMay 25, 2016 - Sustainable Business Network
PFF Statement on Council President Clarke's Comments Today about the Sugary Drinks TaxMay 25, 2016 - Philadelphians for a Fair Future Philadelphians for a Fair Future issued a statement responding to comments by the Council President during the May 25th budget hearing.
DN editorial: Council needs to be brave and OK sugary-drink taxMay 25, 2016 - Daily News The Editorial Board of the Daily News urges City Council to adopt the Sugary Drinks Tax to fund vital investments for our city's future.
Taxing Sugar to Fund a CityMay 25, 2016 - New York Times Columnist Mark Bittman shines the national spotlight on Mayor Kenney's innovative proposal to fund vital investments in our city and make our citizens healthier at the same time.
Letters: 2 More Readers Weigh in on Sugary Drink TaxMay 25, 2016 - Daily News Gabe Morgan from SEIU 32BJ writes how "The soda industry has presented us with a false choice. It wants us to believe we must choose between education funding or jobs for the hardworking men and women who deliver the soft drinks and the small businesses who sell them." Simply not true.
PFF Set to Launch New Ad in Support of Expanded Pre-KMay 25, 2016 - Philadelphians for a Fair Future Philadelphians for a Fair Future announced the launch of a second television ad this week - “Empower” features Rev. Anthony Hall, founder of Triumph Baptist Church, on the importance of expanding pre-K to thousands of children in Philadelphia.
Doctors, nurses: Philly would be healthier with a soda taxMay 23, 2016 - Philadelphia Inquirer The health professionals of Philadelphia - the Sugary Drinks Tax is a win-win for our city and its citizens - programs like expanded quality pre-K and rebuild parks and rec centers help us live healthier lives; tax on sugary drinks helps prevent diabetes and heart disease.
ICYMI: PFF Partners Respond to Proposed Container TaxMay 23, 2016 - Philadelphians for a Fair Future
PFF Statement: Doctors and Nurses from Across the City Rally to Urge Passage of Sugary Drinks TaxMay 23, 2016 - Philadelphians for a Fair Future Philadelphians for a Fair Future releases a statement highlighting the health professionals from around the city who came out today in support of the Sugary Drinks Tax.
Hey look, the 'no grocery tax' folks are rallying behind a grocery taxMay 20, 2016 - PhillyVoice Brian Hickey ponders what's the real "grocery tax" - "a) A zeroed-in levy on a particular product light on health benefits, or 2) A levy on a whole bunch of beverages including water, which is necessary to, you know, live."
American Heart Association Urge City Council To Reject Container TaxMay 20, 2016 - Philadelphians for a Fair Future The AHA urge City Council not to be misled by "propositions that seek to detract from the Mayor’s sound proposal".
Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance Backs Mayor's Proposal for Expanded Pre-K and Community RevitalizationsMay 20, 2016 - Philadelphians for a Fair Future Philadelphians for a Fair Future releases a statement heralding the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance joining our coalition to bring about real change for this city's children and neighborhoods!
Soda tax will benefit lower-income peopleMay 20, 2016 - Daily News Economist and distinguished professor at UNC Chapel Hill Barry Popkin writes, "In Philadelphia, this means the poor would gain from the revenue of the tax, and their health also would increase."
Statement from Minister Rodney Muhammad on the Proposed Container TaxMay 20, 2016 - Philadelphians for a Fair Future Minister Muhammad, President of the Philadelphia Chapter of the NAACP and a member of Philadelphians for a Fair Future (PFF), says "Let’s stop trying to find ways to make it easy to let the big soda companies off the hook when it comes to paying for expanded pre-K for our children"
PFF Coalition Member PASNAP Releases Statement on Container TaxMay 20, 2016 - Philadelphians for a Fair Future Patricia Eakin, RN, PASNAP President: "The proposed container tax would have regressive health and economic effects on our members and the patients we serve".
Big Soda Faces Test in PhiladelphiaMay 19, 2016 - Wall Street Journal
PFF Statement Marking One-Year Anniversary of Citywide Vote in Favor of Universal Pre-KMay 19, 2016 - Philadelphians for a Fair Future Philadelphians for a Fair Future highlights that one year after citizens gave an overwhelming public mandate to create Commission on Universal Pre-K, Philadelphia can pass budget that expands access for 6,500 more children.
Sugary drinks tax gets love at Council hearingMay 19, 2016 - Newsworks - WHYY Students, teachers, early childhood providers, community leaders and more came out to testify in numbers to support the Sugary Drinks Tax.
Action United storms City Hall with soda tax demandsMay 19, 2016 - Metro Members of Action United stormed a City Council hearing demanding that Councilwoman Sanchez not take any more money from the beverage industry and not to let it impact her vote on the Sugary Drinks Tax.
PFF Statement: On Proposed Container TaxMay 19, 2016 - Philadelphians for a Fair Future Philadelphians for a Fair Future released a statement on the proposed container tax.
Letters: Reducing proposed soda tax will harm cityMay 16, 2016 - Philadelphia Inquirer Two very good letters to the editor outlining why we must push for the Sugary Drinks Tax at 3 cents.
Commentary: Looking at Philly revenue options, soda tax is the one to raiseMay 16, 2016 - Philadelphia Inquirer Robert P. Inman, Professor of Finance at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, writes how if we want to raise the revenue for much-needed investments in our city, the Sugary Drinks Tax is the best and fairest way to find the money.
Support for Philly Soda Tax BuildsMay 12, 2016 - Healthy Food America
Philly’s soda tax will benefit the poor, not punish themMay 11, 2016 - Newsworks - WHYY Marta Rusek writes "By attaching this tax to drinks with astronomical amounts of sugar, Kenny’s plan would not only fund education, but it would also help turn the tide of the obesity and diabetes epidemics that are disproportionately affecting African-American and Hispanic Philadelphians."
Commentary: Soda tax the right prescription for city's healthMay 11, 2016 - Philadelphia Inquirer Retired physician and PennMed professor writes "Supporting the soda tax lets me write a meaningful prescription that would take two actions at once: improving both individual health and the health of our communities."
Letters: Soda tax critical to combat povertyMay 11, 2016 - Philadelphia Inquirer Citizen's write in support of Mayor Kenney's investments: "Mayor Kenney's Rebuilding Community Infrastructure initiative would begin the process of transforming Philadelphia from the poorest large city in America into the most successful large city in America."
PFF Statement: Sustainable Business Network Joins Coalition in Support of Sugary Drinks TaxMay 10, 2016 - Philadelphians for a Fair Future Philadelphians for a Fair Future releases a statement heralding that SBN has joined our coalition.
Listen: Mollie Michel from A Child Grows May 10, 2016 - The Dom Giordano Program Mollie Michel from A Child Grows in Philadelphia advocates strongly and clearly for the sugary drinks tax as the best way to fund our children and our future.
Proposed Philly soda tax gets wide attentionMay 8, 2016 - Philadelphia Inquirer The US and the world is watch Philadelphia as our City Council decides whether to invest $400 million in Philadelphia's future.
Philly Soda Tax Budget Hearings: David & GoliathMay 5, 2016 - A Child Grows in Philadelphia Great article posted by a parent who took her family to City Council.
PFF Statement: Coalition Launches Advertising Campaign in Support of Mayor's Plan to Expand Pre-K Services for ChildrenMay 5, 2016 - Philadelphians for a Fair Future PFF releases a statement about the launch of our new ad campaign supporting the Mayor's plan to expand Pre-K to serve up to 25,000 children.
Soda tax only 'regressive' because soda bottlers would make it soMay 5, 2016 - PhillyVoice A must-read opinion piece from PhillyVoice calling out the fundamental flaw with the 'Regressive" argument from tax opponents: This tax is regressive only if the soda industry barons make it so.
Philly Poll: Yes to the Soda TaxMay 5, 2016 - Philadelphia Citizen Conducted by the Temple University Institute for Survey Research, this poll found that nearly 60% of citizens support the Sugary Drinks Tax and over 80% support expanding pre-K.
Opposition spends big to block sugary-drinks taxMay 4, 2016 - Philadelphia Inquirer Opponents have shelled out $1.5 million so far in trying to prevent the City of Philadelphia from investing in a fair future for our children and neighborhoods.
Bloomberg joins the sugary-drink-tax campaignMay 3, 2016 - Philadelphia Inquirer Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the Action Now Initiative are generously supporting Philadelphians for a Fair Future as we fight to expand affordable quality pre-K, create community schools, rebuilding parks and rec centers, and invest in the City's sustainability.
Why the soda tax is not the real regressiveMay 3, 2016 - Daily News PFF Coalition member and stalwart George Matysik from the Parks Alliance writes how the "Real regressive" in this city is not the Soda Tax, but 1 in 3 children living in poverty and 70% of low-income children being overweight or obese.
In the soda-tax fight, money's flowing from Big Soda like a Big GulpApril 30, 2016 - Philadelphia Inquirer Columnist Mike Newall says of the Philly Sugary Drinks Tax: "It's not a radical plan. It's common sense."
Officials: Soda tax would help fund 'monumental' improvements to Philly parks, librariesApril 29, 2016 - PhillyVoice PhillyVoice was at Rally for Rebuild on Wednesday to see the immense energy in support of the Sugary Drinks Tax.
Letters: On balance, beverage levy is worth it | Pre-K, community schools are essentialApril 29, 2016 - Philadelphia Inquirer Two great Letters to the Editor in today's inquirer (click link and scroll down below the anti-tax letter from the Teamsters).
PFF Statement: ICYMI: Philadelphia Daily News - "Soda Tax is a Sweet Deal"April 29, 2016 - Philadelphians for a Fair Future Philadelphians for a Fair Future releases a statement regarding the Philadelphia Daily News' editorial supporting the Sugary Drinks Tax as "progressive".
Besides funding pre-K, soda tax could help people cut sugar intakeApril 29, 2016 - Daily News The Daily News writes about how the public health benefits of the sugary drinks tax represent real progress, in addition to the $400 million in investments that have to date been the primary source of discussion.
PFF Statement: Harvard Study Predicts "Major Health Benefits" for Philadelphia from Sugary Drinks TaxApril 28, 2016 - Philadelphians for a Fair Future Philadelphians for a Fair Future releases a statement following the release of an important study out of Harvard on the public health benefits of the Sugary Drinks Tax.
Randi Weingarten Op-Ed: Bernie Sanders Is Wrong About the Soda TaxApril 28, 2016 - PhillyMag Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, writes about the sugary drinks tax in response to Bernie Sanders' op-ed last week: "It would tax corporate profits — not consumers — and generate $400 million to fund programs to give Philadelphia’s children safe communities and a quality public education.
Harvard study: Soda tax would make Phila. healthierApril 28, 2016 - Philadelphia Inquirer An important new study from Harvard's Steven Gortmaker on the health impacts of the proposed Sugary Drinks Tax: "Within a few years of the three-cents-an-ounce tax's beginning, they forecast, nearly 2,300 diabetes diagnoses would be prevented annually, and eventually, 36,000 people a year would avoid obesity. Over a decade, about 730 deaths would be averted, and close to $200 million saved in health spending."
PFF Statement: Clinton's Big Democratic Primary Victory Shows Strong Support for Soda TaxApril 27, 2016 - Philadelphians for a Fair Future Philadelphians for a Fair Future releases statement following Hillary Clinton's primary win.
Commentary: 'Soda tax' an investment in Philly's childrenApril 27, 2016 - Philadelphia Inquirer Kathy Fisher, from the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger, writes in an op-ed: "Philadelphia must be bold, it must be proactive, and it must bravely invest in children's potential now. Our children will be the innovators of tomorrow."
Senator Sanders Is Wrong: A Soda Tax Is Progressive, Not RegressiveApril 26, 2016 - Forbes Forbes contributor Nancy Huehnergarth reminds us: "Big Soda’s targeted marketing to communities of color and low-income communities is regressive" not the tax that aims to divert a fraction of their profits to benefit those same communities.
Message to Bernie: There’s Nothing Populist About Soda PopApril 25, 2016 - Huffington Post Laurie David wonders how such a smart man like Senator Sanders fell "into the sticky Big Soda trap" by opposing the Sugary Drinks Tax.
A Note on the Soda Tax ControversyApril 25, 2016 - New York Times Nobel-prize winning economist weighs in on the disagreement between Sanders and Clinton on the soda tax: "If we add in the reality that heavy soda consumption really is destructive, with the consequences falling most heavily on low-income children, I’d say that Sanders is very much on the wrong side here."
A Response to Senator Sanders from Philadelphians for a Fair FutureApril 25, 2016 - Philadelphians for a Fair Future
Sen. Sanders Should Refute His Support for Corporate Opposition to a Sugary Beverage TaxApril 24, 2016 - Huffington Post Mayor Kenney responds to Senator Bernie Sanders: "I’m disappointed Sen. Sanders would ignore the interests of thousands of low-income — predominately minority children — and side with greedy beverage corporations who have spent millions in advertising for decades to target low income minority communities."
Commission releases universal pre-K reportApril 22, 2016 - Philadelphia Inquirer The Commission on Universal Pre-K releases its report, recommending that the Sugary Drinks Tax is the best way to fund the delivery of high-quality Pre-K slots, with priority to be given for "children in neighborhoods with the highest concentration of poverty and highest risk for poor academic and life outcomes."
Kenney's soda tax gets national attentionApril 22, 2016 - Philadelphia Inquirer Both presidential candidates weighed in on the Mayor's innovative proposal to invest in Philadelphia's future via a sugary drinks tax.
Hillary Clinton: "I'm very supportive of the mayor's proposal to tax soda to get universal pre-school for kids"April 21, 2016 - Philadelphians for a Fair Future Yesterday, Secretary Clinton threw her support behind the Mayor's proposed sugary drinks tax: "It starts early with working with families, working with kids, building up community resources -- I'm very supportive of the mayor's proposal to tax soda to get universal pre-school for kids ... I mean, we need universal pre-school. And if that's a way to do it, that's how we should do it"
Drexel Professor Testifies in Favor of Soda TaxApril 21, 2016 - Drexel University News Blog Stephen Gambescia, PhD, professor in the College of Nursing and Health Professions, gave strong testimony in support of the soda tax on Tuesday, saying "If an increased tax decreases the consumption of sugary drinks, I think we all can agree this would be a good thing, in the end."
Stakeholders push meeting pre-K needsApril 21, 2016 - The Philadelphia Tribune PFF Coalition Partners Diversified Community Services hosted an important discussion about funding quality pre-K, attended by Councilman Johnson and State Rep Harris; DCS Executive Director advocated strongly for the soda tax as the best way to make it happen.
Why Bicyclists and Trail Users Should Support the Proposed Soda TaxApril 20, 2016 - Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia Rebuild Philadelphia will direct more funding to bike trail development, particularly the Circuit, so the Bicycle Coalition, a PFF Coalition Member, is urging its members to support the sugary drinks tax!
Dr. Thomas Farley Takes on Big Food and Big TobaccoApril 20, 2016 - New York Times The Philadelphia Health Commissioner, who formerly held the same post in NYC, speaks about his new book, the many health benefits of lowering sugary drink consumption, and why Mayor Kenney's approach is "terrific".
Dozens pack City Council budget hearing to debate soda taxApril 20, 2016 - Newsworks - WHYY Over twenty supporters of the sugary drinks tax and the vital programs it will fund testified at City Council on April 19.
Building Philly's community schools from the bottom upApril 19, 2016 - PhillyVoice Mayor Kenney's investments in Community Schools via the Sugary Drinks Tax will remove barriers to effective learning.
Teachers' union, 'WithinReach' back Kenney's universal pre-K proposalApril 19, 2016 - Metro PFF Coalition partners the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers stand with Mayor Kenney to support the sugary drinks tax as the best way to expand quality pre-K for our children.
Letters: Soda tax is what's best for the kidsApril 19, 2016 - Philadelphia Inquirer "This commonsense tax would improve the lives of our most vulnerable citizens - children - by putting them on a path to a solid education and better health" writes Marianne Pontillo of Philadelphia.
Letters: It's a soda tax, not a grocery taxApril 18, 2016 - Philadelphia Inquirer Dr. Barbara Gold, lifelong pediatrician and board vice chair of the Food Trust, calls out the "scare tactics" trying to call a "soda" tax a "grocery" tax: "Under this proposal, the cost of a loaf of bread would not change. Nor would the cost of meat, fish, dairy items, household supplies, fruits and vegetables, baked goods, frozen foods, or any of a thousand other items that families recognize as real groceries."
Commentary: Those feeling brunt of soda tax will also feel benefitsApril 18, 2016 - Philadelphia Daily News Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center concludes after extensive research that the sugary beverage tax is overall a good idea because of the benefits it brings to poorer communities, both in terms of investments and in health outcomes.
In Philly your zip code sets your life expectancyApril 18, 2016 - Philly.com Life expectancy at birth - Strawberry Mansion: 68 years old. - Society Hill: 88 years old. Investing in our children and our neighborhoods like the Mayor is proposing is a great way to overcome these vast inequalities of opportunities.
Smerconish: Emphasize health benefits of soda tax April 17, 2016 - Philly.com After interviewing Mayor Kenney, Michael Smerconish discusses how it's possible to taut the Mayor's $400 million investment plan while also promoting the health benefits of drinking fewer sugary beverages.
Alcalde busca apoyo para implementar impuesto en sodasApril 14, 2016 - Univision 65 Mayor Kenney and supporters of the sugary drinks tax rally community members in Norris Square.
Pre-K commission votes to support soda taxApril 14, 2016 - Philly.com The Commission on Universal Pre-K voted overwhelmingly to support a tax on sugary drinks to fund an unprecedented investment in pre-K in Philadelphia.
DN editorial: Soda tax would benefit kids, which is why we support itApril 13, 2016 - Daily News Endorsing the soda tax, the Daily News Editorial Board writes: "We support the sugary drink tax, not because we are anti-soda or even anti-sugar - though the health costs of an oversugared population are staggering - but because pre-K has proved to be an effective program that could give children an educational boost that could last for years."
Soda tax supporters, opponents pack Philly City Council budget hearingApril 13, 2016 - Newsworks - WHYY Dozens of supporters packed Concilio to testify and rally City Council to invest in our schools, children, parks and future!
For the Poor, Geography is a Matter of Life and DeathApril 11, 2016 - New York Times An important study highlights the differences in life expectancy rich and poor; "In Philadelphia County, the poor will die about 7 years before the rich". Only by investing in the health and well-bring of the poorest Philadelphians - with expanded pre-K and new schools - can we close this gap.
A promising plan for health, educationApril 8, 2016 - Philly.com Food Trust executive director Yael Lehmann wrote a great letter to the editor in support of the soda tax: Mayor Kenney's proposed 3-cents-an-ounce tax on sugar-sweetened beverages has the potential to make a difference in the lives of Philadelphia children by providing universal prekindergarten. The mayor is right to put the target on soda: Public-health experts agree that soda and other sugary drinks are huge contributors to diseases, including diabetes and heart disease, and lack nutritional benefits. We all should drink more water and less soda, and this tax and the public discussion that surrounds it will encourage people to rethink their choices. Those who want to avoid the tax could switch to healthier beverages and start healthy habits that would lead to longer, healthier lives. Those who choose to keep drinking soda would do a world of good for Philadelphia's children by giving them an early start at a good education. Yael Lehmann
Penn economist: Beverage industry's layoff claims exaggerated, impact will be 'tinyApril 7, 2016 - Philadelphia Business Journal Penn Economist calls assertions that the Sugary Drinks Tax will cause job loses a "red herring"
Philly's mayor wants to try a new approach to the soda taxApril 6, 2016 - Vox Mayor Kenney noted nationally for "reimagining" the soda tax
The soda tax is "the right choice for the latino community"April 5, 2016 - Al Dia A call for weighing actual facts in the face of the anti-tax campaigns "little regard for the truth in their advertisements", op-ed contributor Edgardo Gozalez writes "I believe this tax is the right choice for the Latino community"
Kenney budget offers chance to invest in Philly's futureApril 4, 2016 - Philly.com Kevin R. Johnson, president and CEO of the Philadelphia Opportunities Industrialization Center, supports the tax because it is an investment in Philly's future.
Sweet tax: Philly’s levy on sugary drinks would help childrenApril 4, 2016 - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette The Editorial Board writes "We support Mayor Jim Kenney’s proposal, which will have benefits beyond discouraging excessive consumption of the “liquid candy” embedded in the American diet."
Study: They're teaching pre-K, for janitor's payApril 3, 2016 - Philly.com A William Penn Foundation study highlights the appallingly low wages in our city's (and nation's) pre-K education system.
Making a Soda Tax More Politically PalatableApril 3, 2016 - New York Times "There's really serious health benefits in pre-K", says Mayor Kenney in a New York Times piece highlighting the his innovative way of funding vital improvements to our city.
Kenney’s pre-K plan deserves supportMarch 29, 2016 - The Philadelphia Tribune Rahim Islam, president and CEO of Universal Companies, endorses the soda tax, because the Mayor's programs "will reduce poverty and strengthen public education; both are paramount issues impacting the African-American community and our children."
Mayor Kenney Continues Series Of Visits To City Daycare CentersMarch 28, 2016 - CBS Philly The Mayor visits Chinatown Learning Center to talk up the benefits of investing $250 million in pre-K investments
Soda is marketed to blacks "disproportionately" March 26, 2016 - The Philadelphia Tribune Black youths saw twice as many ads for sugary and energy drinks compared to white youths in 2013, and research by The Rudd Center found that beverage companies spent $866 million to advertise unhealthy drinks to children in 2014.
Paying for preschool justifies Kenney's soda taxMarch 20, 2016 - Philadelphia Inquirer The Inquirer Editorial Board writes: "City Council should support Kenney's proposal provided that any tax increase is dedicated to high-quality early-childhood education, libraries, and recreation centers. Philadelphia's children and neighborhoods are well worth it."
Kenney launches campaign for proposed soda taxMarch 17, 2016 - Philly.com Wednesday's event at Olney Recreation Center introduced a pro-tax coalition called Philadelphians for a Fair Future. The group includes pre-K advocates, the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, SEIU 32BJ, and the Philadelphia chapter of the NAACP.
Mayor Kenney Looks To Local Business Owners To Support The Soda TaxMarch 16, 2016 - CBS Philly Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney fought back against opponents of his proposed soda tax on Wednesday, announcing a coalition of groups supporting the tax. They include some unlikely members, including Ben Miller, the owner of Barbacoa in South Philadelphia. “It’s not going to hurt me. People are still going to drink soda and even if we have to raise the price of soda, we’re going to sell other drinks, things we make a higher profit margin on,” Miller explained.
City officials: Tax could reduce sugary drinks consumption by 55 percentMarch 15, 2016 - Philly Voice City officials said they anticipated a nearly immediate 55 percent decrease in the consumption of sugary drinks and explained why this could be the right time to put such a tax to work in Philly. When the consumption rate drops, city officials said the tax could still generate about $96 million annually, for a total of $432 million over the next five years.
Kenney gains allies in soda tax warMarch 10, 2016 - Al Dia News Mayor Jim Kenney has rallied a number of allies behind his soda tax proposal in the last week. His administration on Thursday added the FOP Lodge 5, the Dominican Cultural Association, Philadelphia NOW, the Maternity Care Coalition and Philadelphia School District leaders to the growing list of organizations backing the mayor’s plan to add three cents to the ounce on sugary drinks.
A sweet suggestionMarch 10, 2016 - South Philly Review The Amer­ic­an Heart As­so­ci­ation ap­plauds May­or Jim Ken­ney’s bold pro­pos­al to tax sug­ary bever­ages in a Letter to the Editor of the SPR.
Kenney: Soda tax would fund $400M in projectsMarch 2, 2016 - Philly.com Kenney dismissed the argument that the tax targets the poor, who tend to buy soda at higher rates. He said the revenue would be invested in the community "by creating pre-K, community schools, and improving recreational infrastructure." Jim Engler, Kenney's policy director, said this is the only funding option that will reap those kinds of benefits.
A soda tax for Philadelphia? Public health researchers assess potential benefitsMarch 1, 2016 - NewsWorks Many researchers, including Dr. Jason Block with Harvard's obesity prevention program, do see the potential benefit of a tax in reducing the consumption of sugary drinks and improving health. Block points to evidence in the U.K. and Mexico, where soda taxes have led to a decline in soda consumption.